The SHRM Exhibitor Success & ROI Center:
Your Path to a Successful Show

SHRM’s Exhibitor Success and ROI Center is your FREE, on-demand, 24/7 exhibiting knowledge resource. The ESRC gives you access to proven-effective content, tools, resources, and answers to your most pressing exhibiting questions, and expands your know-how to improve your company’s exhibiting performance and ROI.

Follow this proven 5-step exhibitor success program developed over 30 years by Jefferson Davis of Competitive Edge. As a SHRM exhibitor, you have FREE unlimited access to the ideas and strategies clients pay $10,000 and more for. Please take advantage of these powerful resources!

STEP 1. Get Control: Download FREE planning & Measurement Tools

Use our free and proven-effective tools to plan and manage your exhibit program, control your costs
and measure your performance, value and ROI.

  1. 16 Week Tradeshow Planning & Management TOOL(Excel Spreadsheet)
  2. Exhibit Budgeting & Cost Control TOOL(Excel Spreadsheet)
  3. Exhibiting & Financial Performance Metrics TOOL(Excel Spreadsheet)

Step 2. PLAN TO WIN: Complete Pre-Show Planning Exercises at Target Timeframes

The five strategic planning exercises below are proven to help position your exhibit program for optimum performance and results. Gather your exhibit team, block 90 minutes and complete each exercise on or around the target dates before each show

  1. Define Your Outcomes16-20 weeks prior
  2. Design Your Visitor Experience12-16 weeks prior
  3. Identify and Attract Your Ideal Visitors8-12 weeks prior
  4. Manage Your Leads6-8 weeks prior
  5. Measure Your Performance, Value & ROI4 weeks prior/update after

Step 3. LEARN BEST PRACTICES: Watch Live & On-Demand Webinars

Gather your team and watch these live and on-demand educational webinars on/or around the target dates.

NEW! Countdown to Exhibitor Success at SHRM24
Date/Time: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 2:00pm – 3:00pm

The SHRM expo is a large event with over 650 companies competing for the time and attention of HR professionals in the exhibit hall. To get your fair share, you must make sure you are doing the right things leading up to show time. With just 8 weeks until SHRM24, what are the critical success factors exhibitors need to be thinking about and acting on right now and over the coming weeks?
This will be the major question the SHRM expo team and tradeshow productivity expert Jefferson Davis will help you answer as you prepare for more a productive and profitable exhibiting experience.

Webinar Replays: Watch in conjunction with planning exercises

  1. Take Full Advantage of Your SHRM Exhibit Marketing Opportunityview upon executing space contract
  2. How to Make Your SHRM Exhibit Stand Out From the Crowdview 16 weeks before the show
  3. Increasing Brand Awareness & Driving Qualified Booth Trafficview 12 weeks before the show
  4. Best Social Media Practices for Tradeshowsview 10 weeks before the show
  5. Inside the Exhibiting Numbers: Budgeting, Controlling Costs, Measuring & Reporting Exhibiting Performance & ROIview 4 weeks before the show and after the show

STEP 5. ASK the Tradeshow Experts – Email Q&A

SHRM has made special arrangements with tradeshow productivity expert, Jefferson Davis and his team to answer any exhibiting productivity questions you may have. Please take advantage of this FREE service to get quick expert answers to your most pressing productivity questions and challenges. Submit your question now!


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