The SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is a convenient and efficient investment of time and money that can yield huge results — especially when it comes to recertification!

If you are a PHR, SPHR, GPHR or California-certified HR professional, attending this conference can earn you up to 12.5 recertification credits  or 14 credits, if  you attend at least one Masters Series. And you can increase your earning potential by registering for one of our popular preconference programs. And don’t forget our Conference on Demand, which can add another 20 recertification credits!


How many credits do I get for attending Annual conference?
14 credits is the maximum number of credits you can earn at the SHRM Annual Conference. You must actually attend sessions to earn recertification credit. Attending all the sessions in the time allotted will guarantee the 14 credits.  There are several options for increasing your recertification earnings, however- see below for more information.

How do I prove that I attended a session?
Use the conference program guide to track the sessions you attended. You can keep this as your reference so if audited, you are able to report which sessions you attended. Keep your conference registration confirmation in case you are audited by the HR Certification Institute. This confirmation provides documentation required to verify attendance at this event.

My end date is June 30, but I have all my 60 credits, can I use credits earned at this conference for my next certification cycle?
Yes, this is the only recertification activity in which certified HR professionals with June 30th end dates in the same years of the conference are allowed to select which certification cycle they would like to apply the credits they earn.

Can I earn more than 14 credits for attending this conference? 
Yes, if you attend any of the Preconference or Super Sunday sessions, or upgrade to the Conference on Demand, you are can earn additional recertification credit.

Are general sessions worth recert credit?
General sessions are not eligible for recertification credit. The conference guide breaks down all the sessions that are eligible for recertification credit as well as the specific credit type.

Reminder! Keep your conference registration confirmation in case you are audited by the HR Certification Institute. This confirmation provides documentation required to verify attendance at this event.


SHRM Conference on Demand
Conference On Demand allows you to view sessions from SHRM Conferences online and earn up to 20 recertification credits. On Demand includes videos of select keynote addresses, recordings of the concurrent sessions with audio and the detailed downloadable PowerPoint slides. On Demand offers a cost-effective and convenient way to stay current in the HR field while earning recertification credits.


All HR Certification Institute Certified Professionals must accumulate 60 credit hours during their three-year certification cycle. General Recertification Requirements PHRs are required to earn 60 hours of general recertification credit every three years. As a reminder, the below requirements must be fulfilled to maintain your credentials - and the Annual Conference is a great place to get these credits, and more. For more information about the breakdown of recertification credit for each certification, please visit: 

SPHR Strategy Recertification Requirements
SPHRs are required to earn 15 hours of business recertification credits out of the 60 total hours.

GPHR Global Recertification Requirements
For those recertifying their GPHR, 15 international recertification credits are required out of the 60 total hours.

PHR- or SPHR-CA California Recertification Requirements
Fifteen of the 60 credits need to be California-specific credit. While there is no California-specific track at this year’s Annual Conference, there are sessions that count for California recertification credit.

The Annual Conference provides opportunities to recertify for other important designations beyond the HRCI credentials. Information regarding these other recertifications will be posted closer to the conference!