#SHRM17 Podcasts

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This series brings you all the excitement of the topics, speakers and happenings of #SHRM17—helping you prepare, navigate and get the absolute most out of your “ALL IN” experience.

#SHRM17 Podcast 1: Immigration policy update

Allen Smith, SHRM’s manager, workplace law content, is joined by Lynn Shotwell, executive director for the Council for Global Immigration, who is a #SHRM17 Smart Stage presenter and concurrent session presenter.

Topic: Immigration policy in the Trump administration—is the U.S. losing the competition for global talent?  What has the effect of the travel ban been on employers? These and more immigration reform questions are addressed in this preview of Shotwell’s presentation at annual conference. 


SHRM17 Podcast 2: From the #SHRM17 Smart Stage

Ruhal Dooley, SHRM Knowledge Advisor and MC of the #SHRM17 Smart Stage is joined by Jennifer Payne and Heather Kinzie, #SHRM17 Official Bloggers and Smart Stage presenters.

Topic: Embracing HR Technology and your own Personal Growth.  Growth, adaptation or change do not typically happen when we're feeling comfortable. In order to really change, we need to step outside our comfort zone.  

SHRM17 Podcast 3: Mindfulness and Workplace Wellness

Andrew Morton
, SHRM’s Director of Social Media is joined by Pandit Dasa, mindful leadership and wellbeing expert,  Dr. Woody Woodward, #SHRM17 Blogger and talent expert, and Michael Vandervort, host of DriveThruHR, and SHRM17 Blogger.

Topic: Workplace Wellness Programs- beyond the traditional approach- ways in which you can promote both physical and mental well-being in the workplace.  And, an inside look at how to prepare yourself for #SHRM17. 

SHRM17 Podcast 4: Key Insights Into Effective Talent

Tony Lee, SHRM Vice President of Editorial is joined by special guest Sharlyn Lauby, #SHRM17 Official Blogger as the HR Bartender, talent acquisition professional, and author of the forthcoming book, The Recruiter’s Handbook.

Topic: Key trends that companies are recognizing and acting on to boost their recruiting efforts, such as managing your company’s brand to job seekers before others do it for you, and rethinking how you structure your employee referrals program.  

SHRM17 Podcast 5: Embracing Variable Pay; Fixing Global Communications

Stephen Miller, CEBS, SHRM's Online Manager, Compensation & Benefits, is joined by John Rubino, one of the world's leading experts on incentive compensation and corporate culture, who will be sharing his expertise during two sessions at #SHRM17. 

Topic: Ways to evolve company culture away from base pay raises and toward comprehensive variable rewards, and tips for making global employee communication programs work.

SHRM17 Podcast 6: A visit with the Conference Co-Chairs in NOLA!

Andrew Morton, SHRM's Director of Social Media, is on-site in New Orleans and is joined by SHRM17 Conference Co-Chairs Erin Thompson and Jim Casabadan, both long-time SHRM Volunteers and leaders of this year's conference volunteer committee. 

Topic: Learning from the locals!  Erin and Jim share their thoughts on the planning and preparation for SHRM17- and provide insight on what to do and how to get the most out of your conference and exposition as well as provide you an insider’s take on how to get the most out of their hometown of New Orleans!

SHRM17 Podcast 7: How to Apply Critical Evaluation in Your Workplace

Beth Mirza, Director of Online News for SHRM Online, is joined by special guest Jennifer Currence, Business Performance Coach and Consultant at OnCore Management Solutions in Florida. Jennifer will be presenting at the conference on the challenges facing HR professionals working in HR Departments of one. And she is the author of Applying Critical Evaluation, the latest book in SHRM’s Making an Impact in Small Business book series, which will be released at the conference.

Topic: Why HR pros in small businesses need to hone their Critical Evaluation competency, and how they can get their entire leadership team involved in making sound decisions.