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SHRM Foundation’s Step Challenge
Powered by Fitbit Health Solutions

Step up to empower HR professionals to build inclusive organizations!

The SHRM Foundation is excited to announce that they will be hosting their 3rd annual Step Challenge at SHRM18.

Conference attendees are invited to participate by joining a Step Challenge team, tracking their steps from Sunday, June 17 through Tuesday, June 19, and celebrating the winning team with the highest average step count.

Step Challenge participants can track their steps by:

  • Using your Fitbit device
  • Using the MobileTrack tracking system available in the Fitbit app
  • Logging your steps manually into the Fitbit app

Registration will open Tuesday May 8th.

Step Challenge participants will be encouraged to make a donation to the SHRM Foundation, the charity affiliate of SHRM. Donations will be used to advance the SHRM Foundation’s mission to build inclusive organizations by empowering HR professionals through free resources, scholarships, and opportunities to make a local impact.

Learn more about the SHRM Foundation at: