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Wellness Theatre
What does Employee Wellness Look like in Today’s Small and Midsize Businesses?
SHRM Exposition
Tuesday 06/25/2019 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Add to calendar

In this 30 minute presentation, Terryberry’s Mike Byam and Brad Sytsma will dive into the world of wellness.  In 2019, Employee Wellness Programs are not just for large corporations.  Learn how small and midsize businesses are using technology, social encouragement and rewards to encourage staff wellbeing. Mike and Brad will detail the importance of cultivating a healthy workplace in businesses of all sizes and the impact it has on building a benefits package that creates positive change in both your employee engagement and your corporate culture.

Mike Byam Photo
Mike Byam, Managing partner,
Terryberry Company
Brad Sytsma Photo
Brad Sytsma, Employee Recognition Expert and Product Specialist ,