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Detecting Lies and Deception: Practical Skills for HR Professionals
S100 Ballroom
Monday 06/18/2018 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM Add to calendar
1.25 SHRM PDCs | Competencies: HR Expertise, Critical Evaluation | Intended Audience: Midlevel
Workplace Application:
You will learn skills for spotting signs of deception and truthfulness when investigating misconduct and interviewing applicants. 

You need to be able to spot deception when conducting investigations and interviewing and hiring applicants. While research shows that the average person is lied to twice a day, most people are extremely poor at spotting deception because they rely on inaccurate stereotypes about how people behave when they lie. In this engaging and interactive session from a former U.S. Department of Justice attorney, you will watch videos and examine case studies to learn how to spot signs of deception and truthfulness. You will learn scientifically-validated methods for spotting deception that you can apply in your everyday work life. This session will cover:

  • Which signs of deception are valid and which are based on myth (such as the mistaken beliefs that liars don't look you in the eye and are fidgety).
  • How to spot scientifically-validated signs of deception, including verbal and non-verbal cues.
  • How to spot signs of deception and truthfulness when conducting investigative interviews.
  • How to spot deception when interviewing and hiring applicants.
Michael Wade Johnson, J.D. Photo
Michael Wade Johnson, J.D., Chief executive officer,
Clear Law Institute