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Preconference Workshop
#708: Accounting Comes Alive: Business Finance for HR Professionals (A Workshop for Visual Learners)
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Saturday 06/16/2018 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM Add to calendar
4.00 SHRM PDCs | Competencies: Critical Evaluation, Business Acumen | Intended Audience: Midlevel
Workplace Application:
You will improve your business acumen and ability to read financial reports, to confidently engage colleagues about HR's role in financial matters. 

Using a simple yet powerful system, this hands-on workshop will teach you accounting in four hours, like you wish you'd had at college. Called Color Accounting, Harvard Business School says it's “of value to anyone”. You'll discover in a fun and conversational atmosphere how accounting, balance sheets and income statements work, and the story they tell. You'll then use the learning to analyze a business, with clear links to key HR competencies and objectives. But that said, ironically, accounting isn't actually the main outcome. By building a platform that solidifies your understanding of finance and business, you'll leave with deep insights about financial communication, business, and your organization's mission. This workshop will help you:

  • Understand the story that financial statements tell.
  • Discover the hidden causes of financial confusion and miscommunication. 
  • Identify key metrics that will align your work with your CEO's priorities.
  • Improve your 360­degree communication about financial matters.
  • Bonus! Think about your personal finances more clearly.
Peter Frampton Photo
Peter Frampton,
Color Accounting International
Mark Robilliard  Photo
Mark Robilliard , CEO Americas,
Color Accounting International