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Mega Session
HR Leading the Way: Aligning Goals, People, and Systems for Sustainable Success
La Nouvelle Ballroom C
Sunday 06/18/2017 12:30 PM - 02:00 PM Add to calendar
1.50 SHRM PDCs | Competencies: Relationship Management, Leadership & Navigation, Business Acumen | Intended Audience: Senior-level
Workplace Application:
This session will prepare you with both the systems and processes to direct your goals, people and systems to organizational success. 

This session will explain why the companies who merit the descriptor “high-performing” devote such enormous energy toward three vital components: goals, people and systems. And while the world's most profitable corporations all share a clearly-defined vision and mission, what's often missing is a direct link between tactical operational goals and strategic direction. You will learn how to incorporate measurable goals into your company's daily regimen. Plus, you will have the management tools to maintain teams that are engaged, focused, accountable and poised to drive results. You will discover everything from how to define corporate direction and design for leadership parameters, to the smartest ways to create and maintain workplace behavioral expectations. This session will show you how to:

  • Drive business objectives down from the top-level management to the hourly employee 
  • Establish expectations and auditing procedures to drive measurable results throughout the organization
  • Develop a structured communication plan
  • Execute an action plan that directly impacts each echelon of the organization by holding people accountable for results.
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Shane Yount, Principle/author,
Competitive Solutions, Inc.