Cause the Effect You Want to See with Jeaneen Andrews-Feldman

May 16, 2022 | Press Release

Organizations can’t survive without people. And HR professionals have the privilege to and responsibility for starting conversations, creating influence, and leading the cause and effect that happens in our organizations.
When we empower employees and support them through challenges and adversity, encouraging them to grow and develop themselves personally and professionally, they get to make an impact on those around them–in the office and at home.

On this episode, chief marketing and experience officer of the Society for Human Resource Management Jeaneen Andrews-Feldman talks about the role of human resources in business today and why it’s so important that we create a ripple effect with our work.

Jeaneen also shares some more background about the SHRM conference in June: who’s on the schedule, what attendees will get out of it, and how SHRM is helping to spearhead hope and mental health conversations at work.