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Lori’s background as an HR professional, business owner and consultant gives her insight into how HR and executives can work together to achieve business goals. Lori regularly speaks nationwide for executives and HR professionals on a wide range of programs, from critical HR updates and best practices, to aligning HR with your business. “Business leaders need HR to support their growth, not just be a cost center,” Lori says. This is her mission for every workshop, breakout session and keynote address. She also ensures participants learn practical tactics, have fun, and leave with action steps in hand. 

In addition to running the HR Certificate program at Oakton Community College and teaching HR courses at DePaul University, Lori authored Fire HR Now! Working with HR to Shape Up or Ship Out and HR You Can Use: The Five Ws of HR. She received her master’s in human resource management and is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources.

Follow Lori on Twitter @LoriKleiman.