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director of operations
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Howard Rosenman is the Director of Operations at Core-apps, the makers the mobile app for the annual conference and many other conferences, trade shows, and events. He has worked for Core-apps for six years.

Howard and his team work with account managers, developers and other stakeholders to define and configure the various features of the app, research and solve bug reports, configure imports of data into the app, and provide support to attendees through the "support@core-apps.com" email address. 

Howard has been involved in online "apps" and software development for about 25 years, including a 10-year stint at America Online in development, quality assurance and marketing roles. The common thread through his various positions has been translating business and marketing objectives into applications and working with developers to verify and test features and issues in the apps.

Howard is a graduate of the University of Central Florida, and has participated in several volunteer efforts, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of the National Capital Area, and the "Radio Reading Service" of the public radio station in Jacksonville, FL where he was on a team that read the newspaper over a special radio frequency for sight or mobility impaired listeners.