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HR Metrics
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He is the CEO of HR Metrics and SHRM Partner in Pakistan. His core expertise are HR data/metrics/analytics. He is the only HR Leader from South Asia to become a member ISO Technical Committee 260 for developing global HR Standards. The Committee then comprised of 11 countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal and Pakistan. Zahid has actively contributed in HR standards meetings in Washington, London, Melbourne, Rotterdam, Paris, Singapore, Bali and Milan. He also served as global Convener ISO TC 260 HR Metrics Working Group and during his leadership, TC 260 published two standards on HR Metrics including “Quality of Hire” and Impact of Hire”. Zahid is also member Board of Directors, The Centre for Inclusion USA. His company “HR Metrics” is SHRM partner in Pakistan. He trained more than 100 people on SHRM-CP/CP certifications.