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Oliver has earned a Law degree, with emphasis in international taxes and employment affairs. He is specialized in Global Business Management at University of California – RiversideOliver served the Rio2016 Olympic/Paralympic Games Organizing Committee over the last 3 years delivering Workforce Planning/Analytics projects. He has more than 16 years of consulting services to different industries such as aviation, civil construction, technology, life sciences, mining and automotive, in which 12 of them were dedicated to Human Capital matters.

Main experiences over the last 12 years includeGovernance models to international mobility programs; Global Employment Organizations feasibility analysis; Design/implementation/monitoring of HR management structures (e.g. policies, processes, workflows, KPIs etc.); Full breath of HR optimization solutions (e.g. recruiting, T&D, C&B, leadership, data analysis, systems etc.); Stock-based compensation modelling/implementation projects; Business intelligence to HR subsystems such as workforce scanning, recruiting and productivity; Employee Experience design through the employee life-cycle.