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HR generalist

Rena Suhwail is a Human Resources Generalist at Asurint, which is located in Downtown Cleveland, OH. In 2013, she graduated from Cleveland State University, with her undergraduate degree in Business Management and Labor Relations, with a concentration in Human Resources. She began her career at Asurint in 2012 as a Human Resources Intern; she quickly blended into the culture of Asurint, learned basic HR practices and took on many projects.

Over the years, she has developed into a dedicated, experienced, and passionate HR professional with a strong grasp of all areas of Human Resources including but not limited to employment laws, employee relations, performance management, progressive initiatives, and HRIS systems.

In addition, she has a proven record of working as a strategic business partner to effectively integrate HR processes with the needs of the business. Demonstrated competencies in building organizational capability, talent acquisition and retention, inclusion, and lean management initiatives. She continues to successfully introduce policy improvements, develop initiatives to drive corporate goal attainment, and create comprehensive programs to improve profitability. Rena has brought her knowledge and contagious personality to Asurint which is present in everything that she produces.