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Annie’s Speaking & Consulting

Annie is a Speaker and a Life Coach out of Minneapolis, MN. After starting her career in corporate America, she is now seen as the powerful successful motivational speaker with heart and determination that awakens her audiences to action. Annie uses personal and professional expertise to inspire her audiences, using dynamic and interactive presentations. Annie journeyed through life as the middle child of seven, raised by a single mom, and has many stories and life lessons to share. She has been a guest on Oprah and Twin Cities Live, a local celebrity show.

Annie is a member of the National Speakers Association, a graduate of their apprentice program, and a certified coach.  After working for Piper Jaffray, she was a contract speaker for one of the top non-profit companies in the United States. Today Annie is speaking across the country and internationally.

In addition to being a popular motivational keynote speaker, Annie is also the author of a motivational books, Paths, Detours, and Possibilities, Be the Excption and Be the Exception Bible Study. When not delivering upbeat motivating talks for audiences across the country, Annie accompanies her husband in raising their three children, owning and operating their own Snap Fitness center, supporting a team of 100+ AdvoCare