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Margaret Spence is a dynamic international keynote speaker and author who has spent the last 30 years empowering organizations to stop undervaluing talent. The philosophy of engaging employees in a shared vision, creating inclusive initiatives and fostering collaborating across silos is the tenets of empowering employee value. She feels that the heart of competitive advantage is finding ways to eliminate the systematic underutilization of talented individuals.

Margaret’s journey to engage executive leaders and their teams around employee value has been non-traditional at every step. She started her career managing workplace injuries and watching injured employees being discarded from the workforce.  From a simple idea written on a sheet of paper in 1999 to today her company, C. Douglas & Associates, manages a claims loss portfolio valued at over $95 million for multi-national corporations; Margaret built her business on the premise that valuing talent is what drives innovation.

She engages organizations worldwide to improve operational efficiency by linking human resources with strategic outcomes. Margaret believes that HR is uniquely positioned to drive innovation by creating an intersection between vision, strategy, and collaboration. HR must be business-centric – we cannot just hire and retain we must strategically drive innovation.

In addition to her company, Margaret is also the founder of The Employee to CEO Project a global initiative to increase the representation of minority women and men in C-Suite leadership. Margaret has authored three books on Workers’ Compensation Disability Management, and her new book: Self-Transformation - Empowering Women to Lead. 

Margaret served as a volunteer leader at the SHRM chapter level and was a six-year member of SHRM’s Special Expertise Panel serving on the Employee Disciplines Panel and the Safety Health & Security Panel. A sought-after thought leader on women in leadership, inclusion and disability management she is often quoted in Forbes, Time, Slate and The Washington Post – Margaret also writes two award-winning blogs at The Employee to CEO Project and The Workers’ Comp Gazette. To learn more about Margaret visit her website at www.MargaretSpence.com