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Learning from Brazil’s Largest Industrial and Energy Complex: The Organizational Culture Development Project
Monday 06/29/2020 01:30 PM - 02:30 PM Add to calendar
Workplace Application:
Deliberate culture development can support and streamline the achievement of short- and long-term business objectives. 

Learn about the Organizational Culture Development project for Prumo Group, which began in 2017 and portrays a planned trajectory of cultural development involving all Prumo Group organizations. Prumo was founded in 2007 and its purpose is to create and develop businesses to transform the Port of Açu into the largest and most efficient port, industrial and energy complex in Brazil.  In the second half of 2017, the Office of the Human Resources Director was established at Prumo Logística, with the mission of developing a strong organizational culture.  Actions sponsored by the Culture Project had a significant impact on the results of the 2019 Engagement Survey.  The Prumo Group Culture Project is still being developed and the lessons learned will be a foundation to guide the next steps of the team. This is culture development supporting business progress.

Learning Objectives:

  • Listen more to enable the preparation of accurate strategies and to expand the ability to manage and monitor Culture. Use tools with robust methodologies but simple application.
  • Involve the leadership to align the business strategy first and only then discuss the desired culture.
  • Train all hierarchical levels in new behaviors that require training, monitoring and a shared language. Invest in developing soft skills aligned with the desired culture.
  • Empower employees by allowing them to take possession of the cultural transformation in the execution phase. Use endo-marketing strategies to leverage engagement, so that the desired culture is disseminated more quickly and ensure that policies, systems and processes are properly adjusted.
  • Remain adaptative and develop a clear view for the future and be able to adjust actions as results (good or bad) come up.
Henrique Gonzalez Garcia Filho Photo
Henrique Gonzalez Garcia Filho, HR Executive Director,
Luiz Felipe Cavadas de Paiva Photo
Luiz Felipe Cavadas de Paiva, Partner,
Artisan Consultant