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Employee Trauma: Why Compassion Makes the Strategic Difference
Monday 06/29/2020 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM Add to calendar
Workplace Application:
How an employer reacts when a bad thing happens is often more important than the event itself. 

We say that employees are one of the most important assets in our organizations. However, when employees face traumatic situations such as mass shootings, death of a family member, serious illness, or natural disaster how do we react as employers? What happens when the effects linger after the headlines fade? The approach leaders and organizations take towards their employees influence morale, engagement and retention. Traumatic situations also negatively impact employees and cost businesses billions every year. What is the ROI of compassion? How can human resources articulate to all levels of the organization why compassion is the best strategy for business? In this session, you will learn how to foster strategic and spontaneous compassion to help the employee and the organization survive the pain, strengthen the culture and foster peak performance, production and profits.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess the current and future impact of employee trauma in your organization.
  • Identify the types of compassion and how each works to proactively and reactively minimize the effects of trauma.
  • Discover a variety of ways how human resources can craft effective policies, procedure and practices.
  • Learn to use the formula to measure the ROI of compassion as an intangible expense.
Lisa D. Murfield, SHRM-SCP Photo
Lisa D. Murfield, SHRM-SCP, HR Manager ,
Hill Ward Henderson
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Loren Murfield, CEO and President,
Murfield International, Inc.