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Mega Session
Creating and Sustaining a Drama-Free Workplace
Sunday 06/28/2020 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM Add to calendar
| Competencies: Global & Cultural Effectiveness, HR Expertise
Workplace Application:
Workplace drama is exacerbated by fear; a culture that applies lessons proven to reduce danger and fear sees a significant reduction in workplace drama. 

Today’s workplace requires a commitment to creating and sustaining a healthy, inclusive and equitable culture. Organizational leaders, particularly HR leaders, play a key role in reaching this goal. In this session we explore innovative ways to have a drama-free and healthy workplace environment. We address details about:

  • The litigation-avoidance paradox: How to unshackle your company from the grip of irrational fear since taking steps in a singular effort to avoid lawsuits, paradoxically, actually invites employees to head to the nearest courthouse.
  • How to anticipate drama-producing events and properly prepare for them to minimize the likelihood that they will lead to workplace drama.
  • The ways in which we can implement lessons learned from a culture of safety – one that authentically focuses on working together to prevent workplace accidents and injuries – into the world of workplace conduct.

Learning Objectives:

  • Take lessons from safety principles and apply them to issues related to workplace strife to create: a culture of truth-telling (encouraging reports of misconduct); a culture of curiosity (establishing a system to conduct fair and thorough investigations); and a culture of fairness (resolving disputes in ways that are actually fair, and will be perceived as fair).
  • Learn how focusing on tested and proven methods to increase inclusion, belonging and equity leads to a healthy and drama-free culture at work.
  • Learn how to make courageous workplace decisions rather than decisions based on a fear of getting sued.
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Patti C. Perez, Founder and CEO,
PersuasionPoint Inc