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Fixing Feedback: A Movement to Build a Positive Feedback Culture
Monday 06/29/2020 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Add to calendar
| Competencies: Communication, Consultation, Leadership & Navigation
Workplace Application:
Feedback doesn’t have to be painful – simple models for constructively giving and receiving feedback show how to build trust and maximize impact. 

"Can I give you some feedback?" Why does this question always seem to make our blood pressure rise and defenses go up at the mere mention of the word? Join PeopleFirm in exploring the science behind feedback to gain an understanding of why we fear it and how to fix it. Practice some mind and body hacks and adopt a simple conversational model that you can apply immediately to help build a positive culture of feedback organizationwide.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand your own feedback narratives and reflect on how it shapes your feedback conversations.
  • Apply our new definition of feedback and commit to a shift in the various roles you play in feedback.
  • Ease your own feedback anxiety with science-based mind and body hacks.
  • Increase your capacity to make connections that engender trust and support constructive feedback.
  • Lay a new foundation for fixing feedback and optimize your role as a seeker, extender and receiver of feedback.
M. Tamra Chandler Photo
M. Tamra Chandler, Partner / Author,
Laura Grealish  Photo
Laura Grealish , Manager | People Advisory Services,
Ernst & Young LLP