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HR Tech Solutions Theatre - Booth 3259
Performance Needs Engagement, Not Management
SHRM Exposition
Tuesday 06/25/2019 12:15 PM - 12:45 PM Add to calendar

Talent engagement is not just an enabler of business outcomes – it is a core business issue. How can employers evoke trust in employees and engage them to raise their performance levels? How can managers be empowered to enable continuous performance coaching conversations with the right data and insights?

 WNS' TalentTurf™, our people-first engagement platform does just that. We invite you to witness how TalentTurf™ creates the key imperatives of performance engagement through real-time and insights-led conversations.

Rukmini Bose Photo
Rukmini Bose, Senior General Manager – Human Resources,
TalentTurf, WNS
Nitin Sardana Photo
Nitin Sardana, Corporate VP - Human Resources,
TalentTurf, WNS