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LinkedIn Insights: How AI Is Changing How We Hire
LVCC N259-261
Monday 06/24/2019 04:15 PM - 05:15 PM Add to calendar
| Competencies: Business Acumen, HR Expertise | Intended Audience: Senior-Level
Workplace Application:
Learn how AI is impacting recruiting and HR today, the data companies need for AI to successfully inform workforce decisions, and what the process looks like in companies on the leading edge of the trend. 

As business leaders acknowledge that talent is becoming more and more crucial to the success of the company, there’s an increasing ability for HR leaders to use AI to optimize the match between people and opportunities. AI is not only helping companies sort through countless profiles and resumes to zero in on the right candidates, but also helping to make other crucial HR tasks more seamless. In this session, John Jersin, VP of product for LinkedIn Talent Solutions and Careers, will shed light on how AI is impacting hiring today. Jersin will also share how LinkedIn is applying AI technology to over a decade of workforce data to forever change the way we find and hire talent.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what AI is and how the technology is being used in HR and recruiting today.
  • Get tips on how to maximize the use of AI in HR practices.
  • Learn how LinkedIn’s AI technology is helping businesses with their overarching recruitment strategies.
John Jersin Photo
John Jersin, VP of product for Talent Solutions and Careers,