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General Session
Closing General Session featuring Blake Mycoskie
LVCC Halls N3-N4
Wednesday 06/26/2019 08:30 AM - 09:45 AM Add to calendar
0.00 TBD | Competencies: Leadership & Navigation, Relationship Management

The Power of Giving: Conscious Capitalism and the Future of Business
At TOMS — a self-sustaining, for-profit company — the act of giving is the cornerstone of its business model, integral to its financial success. In a behind-the-scenes look at how it all works, Blake Mycoskie will share counter-intuitive ideas (“In tough times, give more”) that you can apply to your own business. His bold, winning strategies are proven, and have been talked about by hundreds of thousands of customers that have joined the TOMS Movement by buying a pair of shoes. Inspired, inspiring and most of all practical, Mycoskie presents a new direction for business. After hearing him speak, you will know why giving just makes sense. In this visionary talk, Blake Mycoskie will show how to succeed in a new era of relentless competition and heightened social awareness and will answer the following questions:

  • Why is philanthropy your best competitive advantage?
  • How do you make money and do good simultaneously?
  • How are the two acts intertwined?

This session will arm you with innovative ideas on how you can transform philanthropy into your best competitive advantage. Creating better workplaces means smart business, but also doing good. This fascinating case study will leave you inspired and help you connect the dots between better workplaces and a better world.

Blake Mycoskie Photo
Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver,