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Mega Session
Monday 06/18/2018 07:00 AM - 08:15 AM Add to calendar
1.25 SHRM PDCs | Competencies: HR Expertise, Critical Evaluation, Ethical Practice | Intended Audience: Midlevel
Workplace Application:
You will learn the latest information and case law involving the FLSA which impacts your organization every pay period. 

Every pay cycle lends itself to the same fears – Are you doing everything in accordance with the FLSA? Is your organization up on the latest issues? Are you worried that mistakes are being made? Whether you are pensive about exempt v. non-exempt employees or looking out your door wondering what wage and hour issue with come up next, fear not. You will share knowledge through competition and present situations that are sure to provide you with new insights to assist you in being better prepared for the next pay day and beyond. This session will help you:

  • Understand the latest FLSA regulatory changes.
  • Learn ways to avoid potential challenges under the FLSA and how it may impact salary projections.
  • Develop a plan to deal with specific types of positions and planning for salary development to circumvent FLSA issues.
Louis Richard Lessig Photo
Louis Richard Lessig, Partner,
Brown & Connery, LLP